Until they begin to earn money… (x 7 months)


(אז תרצה הארץ את שבתותיה (ויקרא כ"ו:לד

Then shall the land enjoy its Sabbaths (Vayikra 26:34)

Mission Statement:
The mission of Keren Hashviis is to act as champions of the mitzvah of Shmitah. Keren Hashviis serves as a central hub that provides farmers with financial resources, halachic guidance, and moral support so that they can keep the mitzvah. Keren Hashviis educates about Shmitah and enables any Jew anywhere to actively keep the mitzvah by partnering with Israeli farmers. We ignite the spark in farmers who keep Shmitah.
But tremendous challenges still lie ahead. As if allowing their properties to lay fallow wasn’t hard enough, farms across the country were devastated by this past summer’s war with Gaza. The farmers’ debts continue to grow. They need your help, and they need it now.
By supporting Israeli farmers keeping Shmittah, you, too, can observe this sacred mitzvah. We have waited 2,000 years in galus to keep Shmittah. Our dream has finally come true.
Because of Keren Hashviis, the number of farmers keeping Shmitah has grown exponentially each cycle. There are currently 3,453 farmers in Israel keeping Shmitah. And with each commitment, the need for support of their farms escalates. Your support is halachically recognized as fulfilling the mitzvah together with the farmer.

Why Shmitah

…So that man will remember that the land grows produce for him…produces not by its own power and ability, for there is a Master over it and over its owner (Sefer HaChinuch)
Shmitah is one of our greatest tests of faith. Farmers that observe Shmitah don’t yield income for an entire year. Their debts accumulate. They sacrifice an entire year’s salary for their emunah. It is a test that not everyone can withstand.

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Quote of Donors

  • "Until today Shmittah was a concept, after this visit it has become a reality. Keeping Shmittah can increase your emunan in an unbeleivble way. If this man can change his whole life I want to be with him".

    Dr L. Monsey
  • I am beyond impressed with the farmers who are keeping Shmittah, by their devotion to Eretz Yisrael, their emuna pshutah and their willingness to change their whole lifestyle to keep this special mitzvah. They don’t work for a whole year but they just put it all on Hashem. It is against human nature. My family & I want to be a partner with that.”

    Rabbi Sydney Glenner, Chicago
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Keren Hashviis Budget

“There are some moments that you think ‘right now, at this moment, I could have come by the farm and harvested several tons of beautiful eggplants to sell, and my life would have gone as usual.’ I have a wife and four kids at home… We are only in the first three months, and I think the main difficulty is ahead of us... If the Shmitah Fund wouldn’t have come here, I don’t know if I would have gone into it. And financially, too, they help other farmers and me get through this year.”